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Ready to use microcement KIT Easycret 10m2

Ready to use microcement KIT Easycret 10m2

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Introducing the Ultimate Microcement Kit:

Designed to cover an area of ​​10m² , this comprehensive kit includes everything you need for a flawless microcement application, particularly for concrete flooring .

Primecrete Grip : A primer with aggregate that lends a rough texture to surfaces. Formulated with synthetic resins in aqueous dispersion, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Features include: Ready-to-use product, Applicable in a single coat with roller or brush, Excellent adhesion on smooth or low-absorption substrates, Touch dry in 3 to 4 hours .

Easycret Basic as Base and Easycret Thin as the Final Layer: Easycret Basic provides a textured, natural mineral appearance in two coats, perfect for priming walls. Meanwhile, Easycret Thin , with its fine grain, serves as a high-end finish or complement to other Luxury Concrete coatings, ideal for achieving elegant finishes on walls and vertical surfaces.

Concrete Finish One : This water-based single-component varnish is designed to enhance the color of Easycret ready-to-use microcement . It offers a perfect matte or satin finish to beautify surfaces and enhance their renewed appearance. This transparent


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